President Obama Commends CVUSD and Dr. Darryl Adams

Top 10 Reasons President Obama Should Come to CVUSD


Happy Thanksgiving CVUSD! - A Special Thanksgiving Message from the Superintendent!
Posted on 11/21/2014
Greetings, Happy Friday and Happy Thanksgiving! We, as a school district, have much to be thankful for and it's not just about the recognition given to us by the President on Wednesday! We are all thankful that we can continue to collaborate and transform our school system to meet the needs of our students and families! We are all thankful that we have a School Board that listens to us and let's us Dream BIG and Accomplish BIG things for our students and our families!   READ MORE...
Dr. Darryl Adams to Meet with President Obama and Secretary of Education Duncan as CVUSD Representative on Wednesday, November 19, 2014!
Posted on 11/17/2014
It is truly an honor and I am very humbled to be the representative for our Board of Trustees, teachers, classified staff, confidential employees, leadership and most importantly the students and families that we all serve in the Coachella Valley Unified School District! My goal as always is to be your servant leader in the pursuit of a quality and premier education for our students so that when they leave us they are "Prepared for College, Career and Citizenship!" That "Mission.Vision.Goal." will never be compromised as "We Stay the Course" and proceed on the Road to Educational Excellence!!!  READ MORE...
Dr. Adams is interviewed on the "California Edition" TV Show on the California Channel Today
Posted on 11/12/2014
I am honored to represent the Coachella Valley Unified School district on the cable television show California Edition which will be airing today, on the California Channel. The interview highlights the progress we have made in implementing our Mobile Learning Initiative and speaks to our district's transformation to a true 21st Century Teaching and Learning system as we continue to eliminate the "Digital Divide." The televised interview takes place today at 8:00 am PST and 8:00 pm PST. I will send out a link to the episode when it becomes available in case you miss it.   READ MORE...
Happy Veterans Day! Let us all say Thank you to our Veterans!
Posted on 11/10/2014
Happy Veterans Day! I was born the son of an Air Force veteran and after having two brothers and many relatives who served, I cannot give enough thanks and appreciation to our veterans and to those who are serving our country each and everyday. Let us not forget those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and those who are still dealing with physical and mental challenges as a result of their service. Let us not forget those who are homeless and poverty stricken and who need our help! Let us not forget that we owe them the respect and dignity of true American heroes!  READ MORE...
Coachella Valley USD Announces "24/7 Access Initiative" Installs Wi-FI Routers on School Buses
Posted on 10/31/2014
In the Coachella Valley Unified School District, our aim is to innovate and transform to ensure that we utilize every tool available to prepare our students for College, Career and Citizenship! In CVUSD, we continue to pave the way with bold actions in order to provide Access and Equity to a 21st Century Teaching and Learning environment for our students. In CVUSD, we feel that students should have learning opportunities 24 hours a day and that those learning opportunities should be robust, rigorous and challenging to meet students where they are and to take them where they need to go socially, emotionally and educationally! In CVUSD, we believe that our teachers, leaders and staff who are well trained, dedicated and committed are the Facilitators and Pioneers in this New World of Digital Education in the 21st Century!  READ MORE...
Happy Monday and Welcome to Week 10!
Posted on 10/27/2014
Our students are excelling, our teachers are extraordinary, our classified staff are providing 1st class service and support and our leaders are servant leading like never before! Our Board of Trustees and I are so proud of our progress as we continue to make the Transformation to a College, Career and Citizenship focused school district. Our high school principals did a brilliant job at our last Board meeting showcasing the adjustments made in adapting to a UC/CSU required A through G curriculum. In 2015-16 we expect the A through G curriculum to be the standard curriculum for all incoming CVUSD High School freshman and we will provide whatever support necessary to assist all of our students to meet this standard! At our next Board meeting we will be announcing initiatives to ensure that all students are Reading by 3rd grade and have superior math computation skills by 5th grade! Upward and Onward CVUSD!  READ MORE...


CVUSD Superintendent Darryl Adams to participate in White House “ConnectED to the Future”
Posted on 11/17/2014
Thermal, CA - On Wednesday, November 19, President Obama will host “ConnectED to the Future,” a convening with superintendents, and other educators from across the country, who will lead their schools and districts in the transition to digital learning. The event builds on the momentum of the ConnectED Initiative, a plan the President announced in 2013, to connect 99% of students to high speed internet and empower teachers with the technology they need to transform teaching and learning. An important part of this initiative is ensuring that digital connectivity supports innovation in America’s classrooms.  READ MORE...
Coachella Valley Unified School District Takes Additional Measures to Ensure Student Safety
Posted on 10/10/2014
Thermal, CA– The Coachella Valley Unified School District is proud to announce that Christopher’s Club House will collaborate with the school district and make available free presentations on School Safety given the recent incidents related to attempted student abductions in the eastern Coachella Valley. All Coachella Valley Unified School District Schools will receive free School Safety Presentations from Christopher’s Club House. These presentations are student friendly and will be in assembly form, tailored for each grade.  READ MORE...
“CVUSD Connect" Mobile App Available for Download
Posted on 10/08/2014
The Coachella Valley Unified School District announced today that the District’s Mobile App, "CVUSD Connect" is available at the Apple App Store and in the Android Market. Downloading the app is as easy as going to the Apple App Store or Android Market on your devices and doing a search for CVUSD Connect, downloading the app and enjoying the many features and services available!   READ MORE...
CVUSD Families in Need of Affordable Internet
Posted on 10/07/2014
A Coachella Valley High School student used his school-issued iPad in his special education class to help set up a recycling project for fellow students. His world opened up, his teacher said. But when Eli went home, he had no high-speed Internet connection to do his homework.  READ MORE...
Inappropriate Student Use of Social Media
Posted on 10/01/2014
Today the Coachella Valley Unified School District became aware of an incident involving several High School students distributing inappropriate material via a personal Twitter account. This activity took place after school and was not related to any school activity or function. Nevertheless, the District launched an investigation to determine the origin of the inappropriate material  READ MORE...


President Obama
President Obama praises CVUSD's iPad, Internet plans
Posted on 11/19/2014
President Barack Obama singled out the Coachella Valley Unified School District during a meeting with hundreds of education leaders Wednesday, praising a plan to spread Internet throughout the east valley with Wi-Fi routers mounted on school buses.  READ MORE...
AirWatch by VMware
AirWatch Announces Enterprise Mobility Excellence Award Winners at AirWatch Connect Atlanta 2014
Posted on 09/11/2014
AirWatch® by VMware, the leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider, announced the North America winners for the 2014 Enterprise Mobility Excellence Awards at AirWatch Connect™ Atlanta, the leading event for enterprise mobility.  READ MORE...
Making the Grade with BYOD
CITE World: How the Coachella school district handled rolling out 20,000 iPads
Posted on 07/18/2014
Back in 2012, I wrote a story about how southern California's Coachella Valley Unified School District passed Measure X, also known as the Mobile Learning Initative, as a tax plan to raise $20.5 million to give every student and teacher an Apple iPad for use in school and at home. For many of the district's residents, it would be their first personal Internet-enabled device.   READ MORE...
Summer Healthcare Experience, Senior Awards Night, Apple Distinguished Programs, and more
Posted on 06/02/2014
Three Desert Mirage High School students have been afforded with a wonderful opportunity! UC Irvine Medical Center is hosting their inaugural Summer Healthcare Experience., which is a career exploration and college preparation program. The program is open to  READ MORE...
Photo: Robert Hopwood
The Desert Sun: Monday Newsmaker: CVUSD superintendent Darryl Adams
Posted on 05/26/2014
QUESTION: You began your career as a musician, then became a music teacher and later moved into administration. After becoming assistant director of human resources in 2010 and spending some time as interim superintendent, you became superintendent in July 2011. It was a challenging time to lead a school district in California. How have you handled the challenges?  READ MORE...
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